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Workmanship Warranty

Crest Exteriors Philosphy

"A guarantee on workmanship cannot be seperated from maintenance."

The Advantage

This is not the kind of warranty you purchase at the beginning and then wonder if it will be worth the cost. Our warranty program recongnizes that all roofs need periodic maintence and if maintenance is performed, the roof life is extened. No outlay of cash is needed until your roof is 5 years old. For the price discussed at that time your roofs are inspected, "tuned up" and we extend our Full Warranty for another 5 years. you can proceed with that same program at 5 year intervals up through year 15. This warranty and roof tune-up program provides you with the peace of mind knowing your roofs are inspected, repaired if needed and have a Full Warranty!

The Warranty

Our initial warranty covers all materials and workmanship for 5 years. After 5 years, you as the homeowner can choose to participate in our extened warranty program. Upon completion of maintenance, the workmanship warranty will be exteneded for another 5 years. The extended warranty program option is available every 5 years up to 20 years. 

Roof Tune-up

  • Full inspection of roof and potential problem areas (pipes, valleys, flashed areas, all roof protrusions).
  • Clean and re-seal all caulked areas (vents, nail heads, furnace collars, bath vents, valley areas, etc.).
  • Check condition of shingles and make sure that there is no manufacture defects such as: cracking, blistering, seal failure, excessive granule loss, etc.

Whats not covered

  • Damage caused by ice dams.
  • Severe storms beyond $500.00 worth of damage (which would then be an insurance claim).
  • Damage caused by human roof traffic such as repairs being done by any other company other than Crest Exteriors (i.e. snow removal, painting, etc).
  • Damage from wind in excess of 60 MPH

Our Rationale

  • We are a high quality company with a strong reputation of customer satisfation and service.
  • We strive to provide quality product and a great value.
  • We believe that scheduled maintence is an essential part of a customer's warranty.
  • We do not believe it is fair to charge for an extended warranty "up front".
  • We belive the customer should be in charge of their warranty program.
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