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Siding Services

Crest Exteriors installs all types of siding, which gives you, the homeowner, options. All products are backed by a warranty to guarantee beauty and best quality. We can install any product you choose including:

  • James Hardie and other Fiber Cement products
  • Steel and Aluminum siding 
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Cedar Board
  • Seamless Siding

Maintain Industry Standards

We strive to maintain industry standards. In keeping with this philosophy, we utilize installers that are certified through the Vinyl Siding Institute. The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) sponsors two different certification programs. 

  • One program operates on the manufacturing end to ensure that vinyl siding products and colors meet or exceed ASTM quality standards.
  • The other program ensures that vinyl siding installers demonstrate ASTM-accepted installation techniques. 

As stated by VSI, "vinyl siding is the only exterior cladding with both third-party product certification and certified installer programs, both of which are administered by an independent agency."

What are the keys to a good siding installation job?

  • Prepare all walls of the structure to ensure that the surface is even and flat. 
  • After preparation of walls install code-compliant flashing around windows, doors, corners, intersection of walls, intersection of roofing, and other openings.
  • Install a breathable, liquid proof house wrap such as Tyvek.
  • Install siding per manufacturers specifications.  
    • Keep siding straight and level.
    • If it's a vinyl product, allow for expansion and contraction of vinyl siding. (Vinyl siding can expand and contract ½" or more over a 12'6" length.)
    • Use corrosion-resistant nails, staples, or screws. If it's a vinyl product, there should be a 1/32" clearance (the thickness of a dime) between the fastener head and the vinyl siding. This prevents the panels from buckling as temperatures change. 
Memberships and Certifications
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