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In 2001, Danny Bowling moved to Minnesota and founded Crest Exteriors. Soon after, he brought on Mike McClain and Scott Hurm as managers. Through the years, Crest has grown to be a highly respected general contractor specializing in roofing, siding, windows, gutters, decks, interior remodeling, new construction and insurance claims. None of this would be possible without their exceptional team of staff members.

Crest is proud to have office staff Katie Wutschke and Alicia Raway assisting in every detail of their projects to help them run smoothly. Bob George, Robby Hanson, and Matt Williams are their outstanding “outside guys,” which means they are the ones who make repairs and oversee projects with precision. It’s both the big and little things that bring a group together to work as one.

Crest’s employees not only interact with each other as a team, but they also include their customers and vendors in their team approach as well. It is this deep sense of trust, skills, camaraderie, and everyone working toward a common goal that has created so many satisfied customers.

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